“I had a goddess painting done by Natalie and I absolutely love it! The whole process was very spiritual and each picture is as unique as you are,  and I would recommend this to anyone wanting something special and 100% stunning. 

Maria H, Exeter, PA

I have been thankful to be a part of many small businesses photographic roles, and even have a cameo of myself with my camera including this fun Employee Appreciation from FCS!

  • Drone pilot – Matthew Gaynor, Precision Film Studios

nDesign’s featured headshot photography can be found around Central, Pennsylvania in areas related to small business and local government.

Photo grid courtesy of: Carlisle Borough’s Climate Action Commission

Photo of Sara Markowitz, courtesy of Natalie Dohman of nDesign Art Haus, LLC.

“I met Natalie through social media and we clicked instantly. The work she did on my branding and social media pages was of perfection. Her attention to detail was spot on.”

Chef Oliver Saye, Lancaster, PA

I am always impressed by the breadth of work that Natalie creates. Her art conveys- in equal measure- a penchant for exploration and a commitment to mastery. Though unabashed in her subject matter, Natalie spares neither nuance nor mystery. 
I can’t speak enough on Natalie’s warmth and professionalism; I modeled recently for a photo session of hers and she delivered nothing short of a positive, empowering experience. I felt less like a subject and more like a creative cohort! I think it’s rare to work with artists whose vision is so decisive yet inclusive. 

John Spurlock, Lancaster, PA