goddess/ magician portrait photography

Goddess/Magician Photography started during the height of the Pandemic in July of 2020. Everyone felt so disconnected and shut off from each other that beauty was very few and far between and feeling “pretty” or “fancy” was something that most everyone struggled with, especially women.

There weren’t times for getting dressed up and going out to your favorite restaurant or on dates and I started seeing the dwindling morale come across on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Let me be clear that beauty is NOT defined by physical attributes. However, “beauty” is where the visual converges with the spirit. You can have the best cheekbones in the world but if you treat people poorly, those cheekbones don’t really matter.

My goal and aim with goddess/magician photography is to light the fire within, what makes you “glow” and to capture just that.

Everyone has a story, but not everyone has the voice to tell your story or just how beautiful you are! My hope is that no matter the trials or the struggles that anyone has gone through, they will leave the Goddess and Magician session feeling like a stronger version of themselves.

Wearing loads of make-up, or none at all, is entirely up to you.

There used to be some folk lore and it’s still among the Amish today that a camera captures your “soul.” My interpretation of this is that the photographer breathes life into the images, or should rather, and that it is an exchange of energy; not just a capturing. If you look at Ansel Adams work, some say you can hear him speaking. This is because he is not just “taking” photos, he is “giving” life to the photos.

One of my signatures as an artist, is capturing joy and excitement through the lens. Even though times were rough on us, to me that meant that the documentation of joy was even more important and crucial right now.

So, thus began goddess/magician portrait photography.

A time to get dressed up to the nines, do your make-up (or not) and let me capture you and your true image in these photos. The photos also enhance your cultural background, in a highly artistic way. If your family background is Swiss and Japanese, this is great!

Let me capture you in a Kimono with some mountain backdrops.

The sky is literally the limit with these photos! The imagination is ours and there are no rules as to how YOUR beauty can be displayed!

These are open to male or female, young or old, tall or short; there is no criteria to have a goddess/magician photo taken.

While the overall vision is something that I will help capture, the essence of these photo’s is all your doing. Costuming and ideation is up to the participant but I will help you find the appropriate location, color schemes and props for your session.

If you have an idea but are not quite sure how to bring your vision to life, please reach out to me at any time and I will help you bring your inner goddess to life.

  • We do include children in our Goddess sessions and run these as “make believe” sessions. For more information about photographing a child in an imaginative wonderland, please reach out to us today!

Included in session:

1 hour studio or outdoor photo session

10 retouched images

access to our online gallery

If you have interest in having a Goddess Portrait Session done but are in financial constraints, please contact us by filling out the form below and we will work with you through our “Goddess and Magician Funds.”