Featured Artist



Chad Whitaker is an artist who creates surreal, nonrepresentational sculptures and installations
consisting of found objects and materials such as wood, plastic, fabric and video projections. He
manipulates the finals forms with color and pattern. His art is created from used bedsheets to
represent dreams, sleep and the life cycle that occurs in the bed. The series titled
“Containments” explores the idea of sealing and protecting a memory, to attempt to freeze it in
Chad also creates photographs that explore and challenge the limits of time and place through
long-exposure, double exposure, and glass plate printmaking. The “Dead Pixels” series was in
response to a boredom Chad found in traditional photography techniques as well as a way to
remove the computer from the process. The images are created through layering oil paint and
clear resin on glass plates. After an artificial distance is created, the plates are photographed
using a macro lens and lit by a strobe internally. Chad sees the abstractions created as a mix
between surreal landscapes and microscope slides.
 Chad attended Kutztown University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art. Chad
then returned to academia to complete a Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art at Indiana
University of Pennsylvania after an exchange program at the University of Zagreb in Croatia,
where he studied sculpture and video. Chad’s work has been shown internationally. He is
currently working and creating artwork in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.