Digital and print aesthetics are what makes us…us! There is industry standard and then there is also creative standard.

Our digital marketing team comprises of Phillip Shickler, Natalie Dohman and Jessica O’Donnell and this team approaches marketing from a different perspective.

Phillip is a leader in the Central, Pennsylvania marketing scene and has had his work published and showcased along numerous periodicals both digitally and in print.

Natalie Dohman is an internationally known artist who takes an entirely different approach to creative direction and vision and ties everything together so that your marketing is not something that has ever been seen or done before. Natalie’s degree is in Human Services/Social Work/Management so working in systems, creative systems, is something that Natalie is passionate about!

Lastly, Jessica O’Donnell is an award winning designer with a degree from Mansfield University.

Understanding file types and digital parameters, readability, user responsibility and marketing strategies are all elements that are taken into consideration when hiring us for your needs.

[Images property of Phillip J. Shickler [FLYP DESIGN], Jessica O’Donnell and Natalie Dohman under the subsidiary, nDesign Art Haus, LLC]