conceptual photography

Are you an actor that needs an impressive photoshoot to outline your extensive repertoire or are you a band or musician that needs something entirely different to express who you are in your element?

Conceptual photography fuses the fine arts and photography to create situations and backdrops that are ultimately just artistic ideation.

If you’re a dance troupe that wants to look like you’re dancing underwater or else a band that wants to look like they’re in an entirely different solar system; conceptual photography is what you’re looking for.

A photographer will come out and help bring your vision to life with a full one-hour session, then the photo’s will be yours to do as you please.

While nDesign Art Haus will help you with your vision, your vision is ultimately your own and will bring elements that are all encompassing to you.

The props, location and overall vision will be yours to mold and shape alongside our lead designer who will ask you a couple of questions to make your session the most memorable that it can be.

Included in session:

1 hour

10 digitally remastered and retouched images

Access to our online gallery

Hair and wardrobe can be included with one of our stylists for an additional fee.