nDesign Art Haus, LLC is an artistic service provider and industry driven group of creative professionals that have one common goal in their back pocket; to bring your vision to life and to make it look good.

No matter the medium; photography, graphic arts, or something entirely different, if it needs to be done creatively, we will and we can make it happen.

nDesign Art Haus, LLC is the brain child of founder and artist, Natalie Dohman. nDesign Art Haus, LLC started as a regular photography small business that would do certain photoshoots and sessions but along with doing these sessions, Natalie would get queried to do grahic arts projects and other projects for small and large businesses in the area.

Natalie received a Liberal Arts degree in Health and Human Services in May of 2013. Natalie also has her graduate degree in Social Services partially completed from Messiah College and is deciding on if she wants to return with a specialization in ABA principles. She also focuses her time during the day working in the Behavioral Health field as a r(BHT) – [Registered pending]Behavior Health Technician and provides services to clients on the Autism Spectrum.

Her background in behavior health and human services allows Natalie to connect with clients on not just a creative level but also an analytical level.

“Art and photography on a professional level is the ability to analyze, interpret and document quickly. These are all common attributes of the great artists of the past and of the present.”

nDesign Art Haus, LLC is not a commercial photographer or design company; we are entrusted to bring every unique aspect to whatever client we are working with.

Our brand is fairly simple; we work in rich tones and colors and we make the statement memorable whether it’s in our logo design, photography or even our classes.

nDesign Art Haus’ mission statement is to provide artistic services and enrichment classes while empowering the community.

We have a different type of “staff” that we work with.

Most, if not all of the roles are female led.

In August of 2020 at the height of the pandemic, our company has been blessed to grow and grow large. This means adequate staffing has come to the forefront of what we are working on.

We are excited to offer a variety of services with a variety of different eyes on your projects, all while maintaining the nDesign Art Haus, LLC vision:

We bring your visions to life.


(our staff is being updated and is growing so bear with us as we add new faces to the team!)

Natalie Dohman

Jessica O’Donnell

Natalie Dohman | Founder/Artist/Designer/Photographer
Jessica O’Donnell | Graphic Artist

Natalie Dohman is a finder, designer and photographer and spends her time finding, designing and photographing

Jessica O’Donnell is a graphic designer and artist doing graphic design things and creating art.