who we are and what we do

nDesign Art Haus, LLC is a gallery for the creative mind that is highly focused on the visual arts based out of Pennsylvania and accepts clients from all over the Continental United States located at 15 N. Hanover St. Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

We are an industry driven group of creative professionals that have one common goal in our purse; to bring your vision to life and to make it look good. Our company can be described as an “arts enrichment center” that implements the creativity and talent of local artists to bring creativity in its highest form to the Central, Pennsylvania area.

No matter the medium; photography, graphic arts, or web design, if it needs to be done creatively, or to help you or your brand grow, or if you want to learn a new technique or medium, we will help you find your inner creative voice.

nDesign Art Haus’ mission statement is to provide artistic services and enrichment classes while empowering the community.

This is one of the reasons we work closely with artists that are skilled in their disciplines across the board.

We offer a rotating artist schedule that you can take classes with and shop our space to bring home unique tokens from people that share in the creative collective.

We are excited to offer a variety of services with a variety of different eyes on your projects, all while maintaining the nDesign Art Haus, LLC vision:

We bring your visions to life.


the graphic and photographic artists we work with

CEO/project manager/photographer


Hello! I’m Natalie Dohman!

I’m the lead photographer and I also make sure that everything is running smoothly in the back end.

I happily stepped into the role of CEO/Founder of nDesign Art Haus in September of 2019. I finally decided to take the step to open our doors in April of 2022.

I currently reside in Pennsylvania but I do travel all around the U.S. taking photos and doing marketing for various levels of clients.

I am also a fine artist working in acrylic, watercolor, oil, and other mediums and am presently working on a collection that will be submitted to various museums on the East Cost.

As of January 2021, I have been awarded an Artist-in-Residency position at the Chateau d’Orquevaux in which I will accept in the upcoming years to come!

I use a camera (phone, Canon, Nikon) to help capture your best side and I use paintbrushes to express myself.

I have dual degrees in creative writing, human/social services and graphic design.

I like to dance, game, watch the sky with my astronomy club and read philosophical literature and have “heady” conversations when I’m not creating.

Follow Natalie on Instagram @ isculptpaint.


graphic design


Hi there!

I’m Jessica O’Donnell and I am a graphic designer by trade and I have won Mansfield University’s the President’s Excellence in Art and Design Award.

I currently reside in the Pocono region of Pennsylvania and I love doing all things digital arts related and spend my free time doing animation and digital work for various clients.

I am also a HUGE DND fan and love video gaming and learning about animals.

Follow Jessica on Instagram @ ScarredHeartartist



website design


Phillip Shickler is a graphic and web based artist originally from Erie, Pennsylvania and a graduate of Edinboro University. Phil has made appearances in several of Carlisle Regional’s Performing Arts Center’s productions based out of the Carlisle Theater. When Phil isn’t design graphics or coding, he can be found playing golf, playing guitar and singing karoke or spending time with his two children.